How to Cancel/Rejoin

We are sorry to hear you wish to cancel, but we understand. The instructions for cancelling are included below, as well as the instructions for signing back up if that should become of interest to you in the future.

To cancel membership:
NOTE: Usually we want to select "End of Billing Period" as the Cancellation Type. "Immediate" ends all access Dallas Makerspace **_immediately_**. **This is not reversible** except by purchasing a new membership.
- Log in to your billing account
- Click on Services
- Click on My Services
This page will list current memberships.
- Click on the membership to be cancelled.
- Click the red button labeled "Cancel".
- Please then fill out the exit survey (thank you).

### **NOTE: If PayPal is used to pay for membership it must be canceled separately by browsing to .**

To rejoin:
- Log in to the billing portal with the **existing** billing account
- Click Services
- Click Order New Services

Thank you for your support!


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